Trazo. Diferencias (2008)
Duration: 13'
Violin, cello, clarinet, piano

Commissioned by Festival Mozart 2008, A Coruña.


Aparición (2009)
Duration: 15'
Violin, cello, piano, clarinete and percussion (vibraphone and tam-tam)

Commissioned by Via Stellae Festival 2009, Santiago de Compostela.
Premiered by ensemble s21 on July 4th 2009. cGac, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.


Canzona (2009)
Duration: 8'
Violin and piano

Premiered by Nick diEugenio and Fernando Buide at Yale Commencement Concert, May 24th 2009.
Sprague Hall, New Haven.


Interrupted Landscape (2010)
Duration: 7'
Violin, cello, clarinete, flute, piano

Premiered by Mercury Quartet at Dartington Festival, August 2010.


Cantiga (2012)
Duration: 10'
Clarinet and piano

Commissioned by Juan Ferrer


Two Fragments (2014)
Duration: 13'
Cello, bass clarinet, piano

Commissioned by Trio Séléné.
Premiered by Trio Séléné at Columbia University, April 17th 2014.


Nocturnal (2015)
Duration: 12'
Flute, clarinet, alto sax, violin, cello, piano

Commissioned by Sax Ensemble
Premiered by Sax Ensemble conducted by Mariano Domingo at Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid, October 4th 2015.


¡Elementa! (2015)
Duration: 30'
Woodwind quintet

Commissioned by Zoar ensemble.
Premiered by Zoar ensemble with coreography by Alfonso Rivera and Xiana Vilas October 20th 2015.
Salón Teatro, Santiago de Compostela.